If you order items from us more often, it is of course possible that at some point we only have a number of things in the webshop for which you are interested. Because the shipping rates go in scales of 0-5 kg., 0-10 kg., 5-10 kg. etc. depending on the chosen delivery service, the weight of a few smaller items will of course leave a lot of room to send even more for the same shipping rate.

To provide a solution for this, we offer you an \'Collect Item(s)\' service with which you can collect items free of charge that we will then send at a time determined by you. We store the purchased items with us and let you know at what weight your package has been scaled at that time. This allows you to estimate approximately how much space there is left for more items at a later time and/or choose an even higher shipping weight class if desired.

To make use of this, you can inform us in advance anyway, but, in order for the process to run automatically, you can also simply choose the items you want to buy at that time and choose the option \'Pick up in the store\' at checkout.

You can then simply pay without the additional shipping costs and indicate via the comments that you want to use the \'Collect Items\' service. We will pass on the shipping costs to you separately later, when we are going to ship, and you can then pay these shipping costs to us through a separate payment link, or directly. Our discount percentages for orders from €50, 2%, and from €100, 5%, will still be valid and will be calculated once your order is ready to ship.

If there are any questions/ambiguities about this, please let us know!