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English manufacturer Empire

Manufacturer of earthenware and porcelain at the Empire Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

The Empire Porcelain Company was in business by 1895 - probably the works were under construction. The original partners were made up of members of the Austrian families of Rosenfeld and Lazarus who ran other ceramic factories in Europe.

The Empire Porcelain Company operated from two factories, either side of Elgin Road - one of which may originally have belonged to Grimwades.
In 1951 the business was aquired by the Kaufman Group, which in turn was aquired by the Qualcast Group in 1958.
The Empire Porcelain Company was incorpored as a Limited Company in 1963.
Because the works were difficult to modernise the business closed in 1967.

Empire Ware marked 'Made in Portugal' is a modern reproduction