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Jean-François BOCH therefore went in search of a means to provide the Belgian market with faience work in the best conditions. On 17 May 184l, his son Eugène acquired a pottery on a public sale located on the territory of the municipality of Saint-Vaast in Hainaut. This choice was influenced, among other things, by the presence of ore strokes, mine shafts in which excellent lean coal was extracted, the proximity of the Charleroi canal and a nearby railway. The sites in the area were purchased in March 1841 from the company \"S.A. des Charbonnages de Sars-Longchamp et Bouvy\". The factory that was founded there under the direction of Victor Boch will bear the name « Keramis », perhaps in homage to the Athenian potters and in memory of the original potteries there. In 1844 the company was founded under company \"BOCH Frères\". Its three founders are Eugène BOCH, his younger brother Victor and their brother-in-law Jean-Baptiste NOTHOMB. That company under company will manage several entities: in addition to BOCH Frères, also Septfontaines until 1855, which is then divested to become VILLEROY & BOCH , and from 1851 to 1891 the faience factory that BOCH bought in Tournai.